The AI & Analytics Accelerator Program is a "done with you" coaching program for marketing professionals eager to explore AI and data professionals looking to apply AI within the marketing domain.

The program teaches proven tactics to boost revenue and growth using AI & Machine Learning. It will also teach how to automate laborious or mundane tasks such as data processing using large language models (LLMs). Participants will receive in-depth guidance in one or more of the following value streams:

  1. Increase retention and repeat purchases through personalized email marketing.
  2. Driving upsells and cross-sales with AI-generated product recommendations.
  3. Acquiring high-value customers on paid platforms like Meta using AI.
  4. Creating a comprehensive 360-degree customer view with actionable insights in a data warehouse like Google BigQuery.

My YouTube content and written tutorials on this site also revolve around these topics, so feel free to explore and find inspiration there.

Prototype code will be provided for each value stream. Weekly meetings will ensure the code and developed tools are effectively tailored to your specific use cases.

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