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How to Build Dashboards in Minutes with LLMs

This tutorial will explore building dashboards using Large Language Models (LLMs) and LangChain. We will use LangChain chains to extract insights from BigQuery by first generating SQL and then pushing the generated SQL to BigQuery as views, forming the basis for interactive dashboards.

Building LLM Knowledge Bases For Advanced SQL Chains

In this tutorial, we'll explore how to build knowledge bases for advanced SQL generation using LangChain. We'll leverage LangChain chains to extract insights from BigQuery by generating and executing SQL queries. Redis will store the SQL query examples needed for few-shot-prompting.

Chatting with GA4 Data using LangChain

In this tutorial, we'll connect LLMs to Google Analytics 4 data using LangChain. This allows us to build chat interfaces to marketing analytics data, speeding up the process of generating actionable insights.

Modeling Ecommerce CLV in BigQuery

In this tutorial, we'll dive into modeling Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in a way that helps ecommerce businesses spot their most profitable customer segments. This helps businesses refine strategies around customer acquisition and growth.

Robust Text-to-SQL With LangChain

This guide helps data analysts, data scientists, and developers leverage LLMs for generating SQL queries from natural language questions, making complex data wrangling in BigQuery and other SQL databases more accessible and intuitive.

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