In the competitive world of ecommerce, personalization, and analytics are essential for improving the customer experience and understanding consumer behavior. Effective product tagging plays a vital role in creating a personalized shopping experience.

In this tutorial, we'll examine using GPT-4 Vision to automate the tagging of Shopify products, ensuring accuracy and promoting consistency across your product catalog.

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • Why you need to tag your Ecommerce products
  • Extracting product details: Learn to gather all the necessary product information from Shopify's API. This includes everything from product type and color to style.
  • Feeding images to GPT-4 Vision: Let GPT-4 Vision analyze the product images and generate tags that match each product.
  • Updating Shopify listings: After generating tags with LLMs, you must add them back to the Shopify product listings.

Colab Notebook

You can find the Colab notebook with code for this tutorial here.

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